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Embracing Life's Opportunities

We all have dreams. It is a challenge to embrace our dreams effectively while navigating the demands of daily life. If you were to decide to climb Mount Everest, you would need to do considerable preparation if your plan includes successfully returning home.

At Sherpa Coaching, we know how to guide you toward your dreams.  Sherpas are worth their weight in gold. Engaging the services of someone who knows how to navigate the complexities of achieving personal growth is critical to your ultimate success. 

Targeted Parent Coaching

The experience of being a targeted parent is about as alien to anyone who has never experienced it as it might be to someone who was suddenly transplanted to the surface of the moon. This might sound strange but if you have been targeted, we are certain that you would agree. It is a surreal experience.  It is completely alien and it is incredibly challenging.  The simplest of things become unmanageable. We know from personal experience that it is survivable. It requires learning new skills and new ways of thinking. Attempting to manage this without a guide is daunting.  We are here to help you navigate this new and unfamiliar landscape successfully. 

Referral Registry

We are a network of competent professionals in multiple disciplines across the country: marriage and family therapists, coaches,  mediators and lawyers who are knowledgeable about parental alienation and can help you prepare an effective legal strategy to navigate the challenges ahead.  By building this network, we can be the comprehensive resource you may need to meet the challenges of your journey head-on. 

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