Sherpa Coaching 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring aid and assistance to anyone in need.  Our focus is the enhancement of every individual's experience through hands-on direct engagement coaching.  We coach individuals both professionally and personally.  If your focus is business-oriented, we have a wealth of business experience and we can help.  If your focus is personal, we can help there as well. A significant portion of our work is dedicated to working with individuals dealing with a high-conflict marriage or divorce situation resulting in parental alienation (PA). We are actively building a network of individuals dedicated to building fair and balanced assistance to anyone dealing with parental slienation.

Our Founder

Robert Thompson

     ~ Professional Coach

Robert holds a Master's degree in Education concentrating on Marriage, couple, and family therapy.  Additionally, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from San Jose State University in California. He is the father of two amazing children, Mason and Maya Thompson. Robert is a professionally trained Co-Active Coach, trained at The Coaches Training Institute in California, now called Co-Active Training Institute.