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Life coaching, as we view it, is utilizing the services of a coach who understands the way the mind works. Navigating the diverse challenges of life is a lot like climbing a mountain. We need to be deliberate about how we proceed. A Sherpa knows how to get up the mountain and more importantly, how to get down. We cannot climb the mountain for you. We can show you where the crevasses are and where to place the ladders. We can encourage you to rest when you need rest and help you prepare to continue the climb another day. At Sherpa Coaching, we focus on healthy preparation for the lifelong climb we are all on.

The Way Out Is The Way Through

Procrastination is the adversary of personal progress. Getting through a challenging situation or accomplishing lofty goals demands that we find a way out of procrastination.  One cannot expect to be successful by waiting for an opportunity to knock. If you are dealing with a challenge or are desiring of a greater, more fulfilling way of living, embrace it now with the help of a professional coach. 

We are a network of valuable resources.  Professionals become a trusted resource that other professionals can refer.  Please visit our resources page and get engaged.  We need the brightest and best support professionals available. 

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